Frequently Asked Questions

Our Flat Fee plus retainer fee ($5,000 + $500) covers everything on the listing agent side of a traditional real estate transaction. This includes professional photography, marketing, MLS, yard sign, lockbox, managed showings, negotiations, purchase contract management, coordination with title and escrow, and every dedicated real estate agent service. When you have questions, your dedicated Listing Manager (local licensed agent with proven transaction and negotiation experience) is available by call, text, or email as often as you need. Typically we will be providing you with enough updates that you won’t have a need to reach out, but we are here for you if you do. You are truly getting full service for a low flat fee!

Yes, we significantly reduce our commission to save you thousands while the buyers agent commission is in addition. We have experimented with different buyers agent commission amounts and found that it will indeed change the number of showings and purchase offers you receive which ultimately impacts negotiations and your final sale price. The exact amount to offer a buyers agent differs based on price point with a typical range of 2% to 3%

Truth be told, we have been providing the same deep discount to our investor friends and to our family for a long time. We are very experienced and efficient at what we do, and we do not need to make a $20,000 or $30,000 or $50,000 profit on each listing. Those are crazy numbers for a job that is mostly done from a comfortable chair in an air conditioned office – not nearly as time consuming as representing a buyer. Plus, we built a custom web portal that makes our job selling a home even more efficient. Our hope was that by providing exceptional service for a low flat fee, we would earn your referrals to friends and family and that we could also represent you when you decide to buy a home. So, we decided it was time for everyone to get the friends and family discount!

We have multiple guides available to download that give you great information, but the best next step is honestly to have a conversation with us. We are no pressure and have actually earned some of our most loyal clients from telling them that buying or selling did not seem like the best option for them once we understood their situation. As noted above, we are not going to make tens of thousands of dollars selling your home – it is in our best interest to be honest and provide information with no pressure so you feel comfortable using our services when the time is right, and so you feel comfortable sending your friends and family our way too! Schedule a free no obligation Consult

We are partnered with a licensed affiliate lender who will provide you with cash offer options, an ability to let you make cash offers on your next house before selling your current one, and other situation specific options. We chose this unique affiliate because they mirror our high ethical standards and charge the lowest fees.

Nope! If you do not like the offers received on your home, you can counter them or reject them with no pressure or commitment to sell.

Do you offer open houses?


I still think there must be a catch or fine print I am missing…


Yes! We love open houses. They are great for exposure and as real estate agents they tend to help us generate new leads. Most agents neglect to mention that open houses benefit real estate agents, but we want to be honest and transparent.

I still think there must be a catch or fine print I am missing…


It’s simple. We provide full service for a low flat fee. No catch. No fine print. No long term commitment. Fire us any time and we will even give you all the professional photos we paid for. Check out our reviews. We simply ask that you give us a chance, even if we are just providing a second opinion before you decide which Real Estate firm to select.

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