Flat Fee Real Estate Broker California Laws

California home for sale

Recently, the California legislature has passed several new real estate laws that brokers should be aware of. Thus, it’s crucial to quickly examine your practices to know if you’re abiding by the new flat fee real estate broker California laws. Flat Fee Real Estate Broker California Laws Real estate brokers operating in California need to … Read more

What Is a Full Service Flat Fee Real Estate Broker?

Flat fee real estate broker giving professional advice to client

Most home sellers usually wonder: “What is a full service flat fee real estate broker?” Full service brokers can help you boost your listing’s visibility significantly more than if you’re selling your property for sale by owner (FSBO). They can also help you save thousands of dollars because they charge a flat rate.  What Is … Read more

Flat Fee vs Commission Real Estate

Illustration of seller paying flat fee and commission costs for real estate

Traditionally, selling homes has been paid via a percentage-based commission to brokers involved. However, flat fee brokers charge sellers a flat rate to list their homes. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about these two models in this flat fee vs commission real estate comparison. Flat Fee Vs Commission Real Estate General Overview Many … Read more