Selling a House You Just Built

House in the process of being built

There are different reasons people build houses. For most real estate investors, it’s usually for long-term income generation by renting the property out. However, some situations may occur that would require you to sell a house you just built. If you find yourself in this situation, there are certain things you need to know to … Read more

What to Do About Utilities When Selling a House?

Real estate agent explaining the utilities of a house for sale

There are several things on your mind when you are looking to sell a house. These could typically include renovations, cleaning, and a range of others. One of the things on the long checklist of things to do in dealing with utilities is what to do about utilities when selling your house.  What to Do … Read more

Will House Prices Drop in 2022?

Laptop showing a graph monitoring house prices

Between 1980 and 2020, home prices have risen by about 416%. Similarly, home prices saw a 16.2% rise from 2020 to 2021. These data are indicative of a steady increase over the years. Now, in 2022, there’s a major question that has been on the lips and minds of many potential buyers and sellers of … Read more

MLS Acronyms

Realtor showing his client available MLS listed homes

There are several unique abbreviations and acronyms used in real estate, specifically those relating to the Multiple Listing service. Having a proper understanding of these terms can be very beneficial to both home buyers and sellers in that it allows you to understand vital information. The following MLS acronyms are some of the most common … Read more

Does FHA Help With Closing Costs?

Realtor showing the closing costs of an FHA loan to a buyer

Most people consider FHA loans to be better than conventional loans because their requirements lean closer to the friendly side. However, initial requirements aside, how different are FHA loans from conventional mortgages when it comes to closing costs? Does FHA help with closing costs? Does FHA Help With Closing Costs? No, taking an FHA loan … Read more

Is It Cheaper to Live in Arizona or California?

Los Angeles and Arizona road signs

While Arizona and California share borders, there are a lot of differences between them. Some of these differences include culture, climate, weather, and more importantly, the cost of living. Since living costs constitute a major factor in choosing where to live, is it cheaper to live in Arizona or California? Is It Cheaper to Live … Read more

What Percentage Do You Lose When Selling a House?

Stacks of coins beside a wood carved house

Selling your house can bring you good returns. However, the numerous costs of selling a house such as moving fees and agent commissions can eat into your profit. So, what percentage do you lose when selling a house?  What Percentage Do You Lose When Selling a House? Typically, sellers pay about 6% of the selling … Read more

Can You Negotiate the Realtor Fee?

Two people shaking hands in front of house

While there’s no fixed commission rate that real estate brokers charge, the industry standard is 6% of the final selling price. On an $800,000 property, that can add up to $48,000, which is a lot of money. So, can you negotiate realtor fee? Let’s find out. Can You Negotiate the Realtor Fee? You can always … Read more

What Fees Do You Pay When Selling a House?

Man giving money to another person

Real estate fees can add up to 10% of your property’s sale price after factoring in additional expenses like repair costs. While some expenses are negotiable, you should expect to pay for several costs associated with selling a home. So what fees do you pay when selling a house? What Fees Do You Pay When … Read more