What Happens After Forbearance Ends?

Miniature house and keys on top of a payment form

The COVID-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the economic situations of a lot of homeowners. This saw many people unable to meet mortgage payments and granted a forbearance period. Now, this period is coming to an end, and there’s a big question, what happens after forbearance ends?  What Happens After Forbearance Ends? After forbearance … Read more

iBuyers in Real Estate

iBuyers purchasing a house for sale

Ease of sale or convenience is one of the major features that home sellers prioritize during the home sale process. Most home sellers aim to make as much capital gains as possible while having to involve themselves minimally. This is the aspect that iBuyers in real estate capitalize on.  Who Are iBuyers in Real Estate? … Read more

Can You Negotiate Price With Toll Brothers?

Realt estate agent and client agreeing on a price for a listing

Rather than buying a house from someone who wants to sell, another option available to homebuyers is Toll Brothers. Toll Brothers are mainly known for their prowess in constructing custom homes. However, you can also purchase an already constructed home too. So, can you negotiate price with Toll Brothers? Can You Negotiate Price With Toll … Read more

How Do I Ask My Realtor to Lower My Commission?

Couple trying to negotiate with their realtor to lower the commission

Saving as much money during the sales process is the priority of the buyer as for the seller. For the seller, there’s a need to keep as much capital gains as possible. For the buyer, it implies lower expenses. One practical way to do this is to reduce your realtor commission. If that’s your case, … Read more

Do Redfin Hot Homes Sell Faster?

Realtor handing out the key to the new home owner

Making huge capital gains is only part of the process when it comes to home selling. For some, a speedy sale is also important. For most home sellers, getting a good deal on both of these features is golden. Various platforms tap into this need to get sellers to sell with them, one of these … Read more

Who Pays Closing Costs in Cash Sale?

Person paying closing cost in cash

Payment of closing costs is an indication that the home sale process is already at an end. Typically, if the buyer is using a mortgage, closing costs would be split between the buyer and the seller. However, in the case of a cash sale, who pays closing costs in a cash sale? Who Pays Closing … Read more

Does No Longer on the Market Mean Sold?

Realtor attaching a "sale pending" sign on a house that was no longer on the market

There is a range of information online that accompanies a house that has been listed for sale. This data generally informs you about the present state of the house. Some show that it is still clearly on sale while some others can be quite confusing. For instance, does no longer on the market mean sold? … Read more

Does Redfin Have Hidden Fees?

Home buyer asking a flat fee realtor for advice if Redfin has hidden fees in their contract

Redfin offers listing services at a rate of 1.5%, which is about half the fee that traditional realtors offer. This might seem like a good deal at first glance. However, is it as good as it sounds, or are there other less apparent costs? Does Redfin have hidden fees?  Does Redfin Have Hidden Fees? No, … Read more

Who Typically Pays Closing Costs in California?

Two persons holding a miniature wooden house model

Closing costs come in at the end of the real estate transaction process. When it comes to who pays what, there might be some variations. So, who typically pays closing costs in California? Who Typically Pays Closing Costs in California? Both buyers and sellers pay closing costs in California. Buyers typically pay all or at … Read more