How to Sell a House and Move to Another State

How to Sell a House and Move to Another State

The need for a new experience, starting a family or family expansion, current financial situation, and employment are just a few of the reasons you might want to relocate to a new location. However, before making such a life-altering decision especially if you own your present home, it is necessary to understand how to sell a house and move to another state.

How to Sell a House and Move to Another State

If you would be buying a new home in another state or cutting all residential ties to your previous state, then you would need to be savvy about how to sell. Similarly, you might want to sell because you are concerned about the costs that will be incurred if you opt to keep your old property, particularly taxes, and that’s valid. 

Client being advised by her real estate agent on how to sell her home

Selling a property should not be difficult, and it all depends on how you approach the relocation. There are two common methods for selling a home:

Selling Your Home Before Relocating

Selling your home before you move to a new state, whether or not you have purchased your new home, is the first option. This involves staying in the home until after it sells and then moving out so that the new occupants can move in.

However, to do this, you would need to have made solid residential plans in the new state. One of the advantages of this strategy is that it allows you to have a better sense of your new surroundings before investing in a suitable home for your new life.

Selling After You Relocate

The second option is to buy a new home in the state you are moving to and then sell your old one once you’ve settled in. However, most people tend to not opt for this method unless a serious buyer is waiting for them. This is due to the time it takes for buyers to purchase an old property, and the possibility of bills running on both residences simultaneously.

Also, frequent road trips due to unresolved business deals can be frustrating and leave you stuck in your previous life, preventing you from enjoying the first few weeks of adventure in your new state.

In any case, once you’ve decided to list your home, your top priority should be to sell it as quickly as possible. 

Tips to Facilitate Selling Your House 

The primary goal here is to sell swiftly and relocate to another state, and tips like using a real estate agent or finding a buyer that would buy at current home conditions without adjusting your utilities would work just fine. However, of course, to facilitate a quick sale, you would need to adequately prepare your home.

Man showing off his home that he listed for sale

Selling at a Reasonable Price

When you list your home for a competitive price, home buyers are less likely to swarm in your direction. This is because it is around the current market value for that type of property and the chances that you will get offers from potential buyers would be on an average level.

If you are willing to wait, you will have the opportunity to sell for a decent price. However, if you want to sell the home quickly, a competitive price that is lower than the market value may result in a rapid sale. Ensure that the price is still reasonable. 

Hiring a Real Estate Agent 

Although iBuyers seems enticing, it comes with a lot of complications, that getting a real estate agent is preferred by most sellers. A real estate agent is an expert and knows all there is to know about selling houses. It is even more ideal to hire local real estate agents like CA Flat Fee who also know the area. 

Using a flat fee service like this ensures maximum capital gains since you pay only $5,000 for comprehensive services including marketing, showing, negotiations, and screening buyers, amongst others. 

Using a real estate agent increases your chances of selling rapidly and at a competitive price too.

Selling as Is 

Finding a buyer willing to buy the property in whatever state it is in is one of the first steps in effectively selling a home. This is more common in foreclosure auction sales, however, it facilitates a rapid sale and allows you to relocate quickly. 

The downside is that it may have a substantial impact on the value of your house, forcing you to accept a lower price than the market average. This is because your home may require renovations which would impact your bargaining power and make you settle for a lower valuation.

If you are looking for a rapid sale, this should suffice.

Family preparing to move to another state

Tips to Facilitate Moving to Another State

A sudden location change can be pretty shocking and requires lots of planning. To successfully and smoothly move from one state to another, one major factor to consider would be researching your new location and learning about the state. The other would deal with moving your property.

Research Your New Destination

Since you are moving to a new state, it is necessary to acquire some knowledge about your new surroundings. You may have done some preliminary study on the new state, but further fact-finding would be necessary.

When you know everything there is to know about your new surroundings, it becomes easier to adjust. Learn about the people who live there, look for pleasant locations to visit, and look for reputable schools if you are still in school or have children who are. Before you take that big step, also ensure that you know what kind of employment prospects are available to you.

While it is strongly advised that you visit wherever you are relocating at least a couple of times before moving, you can also use social networking tools to gain a better grasp of your soon-to-be new environment as well.

Hire a Reputable Logistics Company

When shifting across state lines, the local logistics companies in your area may not be capable. As a result, you’ll need to do some research on the best interstate moving companies.

Make sure you do your due diligence when studying these companies. Check out internet reviews, look at the services available and make sure the agency you choose does not break the bank.


Selling a property and relocating to another state can be a pretty emotional and hassle-filled process. Fortunately, with these tips at your disposal, what might appear to be a herculean undertaking can be made easy, and become a reality in a short period.

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