Who Typically Pays Closing Costs in California?

Two persons holding a miniature wooden house model

Closing costs come in at the end of the real estate transaction process. When it comes to who pays what, there might be some variations. So, who typically pays closing costs in California? Who Typically Pays Closing Costs in California? Both buyers and sellers pay closing costs in California. Buyers typically pay all or at … Read more

Can You Buy a House With 10% Down in California?

A house key placed on a calculator and surrounded by real estate brochures

Buying a house is always a major step. Especially for first-time buyers who often have limited funds and need to buy with a mortgage. Every state’s mortgage requirements change, so many first-time buyers in California ask: can you buy a house with 10% down in California? Can You Buy a House With 10% Down in … Read more

Can Your Loan Be Denied After Closing?

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The process of getting a mortgage approved can be a long, stressful one. There are lots of requirements involved in the course of the application, so getting through to closing is a big deal. However, there are scenarios where the loan application was denied at closing. As an applicant who has gone through all the … Read more

Are Flat Fee Realtors Good?

A flat fee realtor showing his phone to his clients

The real estate market scene has evolved over the years. Once, the only available real estate agents were traditional ones who charged a non-negotiable 6 percent fee for selling your house. Recently, we’ve seen some traditional agencies offer 2 percent, and then 1 percent, and finally, the emergence of flat fee realtors. Traditional realtors are … Read more

Do FHA Loans Have Lower Closing Costs?

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First-time home buyers with low credit scores usually start out by saving for their Federal Housing Administration (FHA) down payment. They often leave out closing costs in their budget because they do not know the amount involved in the process of getting an FHA loan.  These closing costs are often not included in the loan, … Read more

Do Homes Sell Faster With a Realtor?

A realtor holding an open house with potential buyers

Selling a home is serious business — it takes a lot of hard work and strategy. Generally, you have two options: sell by yourself (also known as For Sale By Owner) or get a realtor to do the job. As a home seller, your priority is to maximize profits and sell your home quickly.  Given … Read more

Why Would a Property Be No Longer On the Market?

A bungalow house with a garage

When a property that you had your eye on for a while suddenly disappears from market listings, you’re probably wondering: why would a property be no longer on the market? Initial thoughts might center around the fact that someone probably got to it before you and swooped down on the offer. This might be a … Read more

Are Old Houses Worth Buying?

An old home for sale

There are a significant number of great, old houses in the US. While there are emerging new construction sites in many areas, you might think all homebuyers would go for newer houses over older homes.  However; many homebuyers actually go for older houses. This is an interesting fact that might make you feel curious: are … Read more

Is It Good to Buy a House For Sale By Owner?

A couple both holding a house key

When setting out to buy a home, most people wouldn’t think of buying a house directly from the owner. However; there’s a significant number of homes that are listed as For Sale by Owner (FSBO) in the real estate market. So, it is very likely you´ll come across one in your while trying to buy … Read more